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Originally from Kentucky, Dr. Lowy attended University of Louisville for both his, undergraduate Bachelors of Science degree, general dentistry school Doctoral training and 3-year specialty residency in surgical periodontics and dental implants.

During his general dental school studies, he graduated with a class rank of 13 out of 120 dentists. In his residency, he also received a Master’s degree in the Clinical Science of Dentistry earning him both a DMD and an MSD. He took the final step to became a Board-Certified Diplomate in the American Board of Periodontology in 2017 (the highest echelon and honor Periodontist can achieve).

He takes upmost pride in learning the latest minimally invasive techniques, and keeping current with literature in periodontics, dental implants, and prosthetics. He has conducted patient-centered research which focused on ways to minimize bone loss around dental implants utilizing certain prosthetic components ultimately making him an expert in the particular subject of “platform-switching” (ask for more information). His results are published in one of the most esteemed periodontal and prosthetic journals.

Dr. Lowy loves Colorado and is an avid skier and hiker. Dr. Lowy evaluated several practices all around the United States before deciding to practice in Colorado, because he believes the doctors he chooses to work with, truly care about their patients and offer exceptional quality of service, and place their trust and patient’s trust in the hands of a specialist. Furthermore, being in close proximity, allows him to effectively, and readily communicate with the other Dentists about patient’s treatment plans.

Finally, Dr. Lowy builds great value into each of his treatments and appointments with all of his patients. You will receive personalized attention with the upmost standard of quality of care and use of the best regenerative materials fully backed by peer-reviewed literature and the FDA (including bone grafts, dental implants, soft tissue excluding membranes, collagen tissue enhancing materials, and stem cell regenerative biologics).

Please do not hesitate to ask Dr. Lowy questions about any of these materials which may be applicable to your care. Photographs may be utilized to aid in planning, diagnosis and treatment, or to allow you to see before and after results. Dr. Lowy has seen first-hand the effects of the adage “you get what you pay for”, especially as it applies to dentistry and dental specialists. Dr. Lowy truly backs his treatment choices and believes you will be happy with the care he provides and the results he promises.

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